What we’re building:

Bus.com is a network of local operators powered by technology that offers on-demand passenger transportation using its flexible fleet. We exist to move the world to make communities thrive!

Your role

Reporting to the Project Manager, the Call Center Representative will be in charge of answering daily calls to transit passengers. You will be the trusted point of contact and the face of Bus.com. You will be responsible for the full cycle of a passenger activity post-booking, from the point when a trip is booked to post-trip follow-up. What makes the role unique is that you will work internally with seasoned startup and transportation industry experts, and externally with our Bus Partners and customers as you match customers to vehicle suppliers, coordinate reservation changes, update itineraries, and keep ongoing communication with all stakeholders in our marketplace.

Role would serve Part-Time hours between 8AM-6PM, EST on Weekdays.

Your responsibilities

  • Manage, prioritize and answer questions from customers after the booking stage of the reservation cycle
  • Locate the closest virtual stop to each customer and guide them on trip planning using an interactive transit map
  • Manage incoming requests for customer reservations and confirm bookings with local dispatch
  • Maintain constant communication with the customer until the end of the trip
  • Act as a transit expert while communicating the benefits of On-Demand Transit to passengers
  • Finalize and review active itineraries for accuracy
  • Keep call center activity records up to date with complete passenger and trip information

What you need to succeed:

If you’re still reading that means you’re excited! To set you up for success from the start, you’ll need to:

  • Background:
    • High School Diploma
    • Have experience working at a call center
    • Be excited about serving passengers through innovative On-Demand Transit
  • Character:
    • Have patience while dealing with difficult customers
    • Be comfortable with handling last-minute changes
    • Demonstrate exceptional verbal and written communication skills
    • Maintain a positive attitude in every situation
    • In some scenarios, be willing to be in communication with customers in the evenings and during the weekends
    • For additional cultural values, please read the section below

Our values / Identity:

  • “The answers are in your brain”
    • We are solving major problems in a fragmented industry. To do this, we need a bunch of smart, passionate people everywhere. You could be one of them! At Bus.com, you will seek to understand the “why” in everything we do, ask questions, challenge constructively, and most importantly, trust your instincts - because we will trust you with our customers.

  • “Life happens, time to think big”
    • Fire starts with friction. Your reality at Bus.com will be challenging every day - it’s not a matter of if things go wrong, but when. You can’t control unexpected events, so you will need to own what you’re accountable for by embracing change and building resilience.

  • “Be bold, just dive in!”
    • We set ourselves ambitious goals to feed our appetite for action because we believe we can make it happen. We go fast- even when it means making mistakes along the way. We. The important thing is that we take the learning and move forward.

  • “We’re all in this together”
    • If you join Bus.com, your success will depend on everyone around you. Treat them the way you want to be treated. We all have unique skill-sets but we’re not all that special unless we’re united and rowing in the same direction.